The Fork, gourmet platform. Platform also available as an app for iOS and Android devices, Thefork.it is a free restaurant booking service that also allows you to take advantage of discounts and a loyalty program. On the site there are about 7,000 restaurants, from taverns to starred restaurants, around Italy. To find the place to enjoy lunch or dinner, it is not necessary to register, just carry out the search indicating the area of ​​the city you prefer, the price range, the type of cuisine (Italian, ethnic, etc.).

The choice, however, can also be made based on the discount offered by the restaurateur: if you book on The Fork, the reduction will be applied directly to the cash desk without using coupons. The discount is usually 30%, but can even reach 50% in the case of special events. Furthermore, those who register on the site can take advantage of a loyalty program. The more you book on The Fork, the more credits you accumulate, the Yums. Each booking is worth 100 Yums, regardless of the number of seats. With 1000 Yums you get 20 euros discount, with 2000 Yums 50 euros. The loyalty program is international and available in all countries where The Fork operates.

Easy Dinner, easy and fast . Available for iOS and Android, Easy Dinner is the app that allows you to find the gastronomic solution that best suits your needs in the 1097 restaurants registered on the site that offer discounted prices to their customers. Once the location has been identified, just show the offer and sit down from your smartphone: no coupons or advance payments are required. The minimum discount is 20%, many locals also offer the all you can eat formula . The advantages are very clear: customers save, restaurants can place their offers on the platform without the need for intermediaries.

I sit down, book from my smartphone . I’ve been active for some years, I sitis an online booking system, also available as an app (download from the official website), which also allows you to take advantage of discounts and offers. The search for the place is based on the type of kitchen you prefer, the area of ​​the city you are in, the price range, or based on the offer of the day: that is, you can only select the premises that in that day and in that time slot they practice a price reduction.

The consultation of the site is free, but to book you need to register. Each booking accumulates points, which double with comments and reviews to the locals: the credits can be converted into vouchers for 15, 25 and 50 euros that can be spent in the places participating in the offer. However, those who book and do not show up forfeit all the points accumulated.

Stin Jee, from fast food to restaurant . Available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS, Stin Jee uses smartphone geolocation to find restaurants, bistros, cafes, pubs, fast food restaurants and takeaways that offer promotions for lunch, dinner or other occasions for users who have downloaded the app . Found the room, from the main screen you can get directions on how to reach the place through Google Maps, make a phone call to book, visit the website of the exercise or share the promotion on Facebook. Once you get to the place that offers the discount, simply show the smartphone screen to get the discount.

MYO, even for drinking . Available for iOS and Android and active in Rome, Naples and Turin (soon also in Milan), MYO saves up to 80% for drinks in wine bars, cocktail bars and pubs. Operation is simple: after registering, simply select the city or geolocate and choose a room. When paying, you need to show your smartphone to be eligible for the discount.