Becoming expert wine connoisseurs requires patience, dedication, and of course nose and taste: so forget about becoming an expert sommelier with a simple course lasting a few weeks. What you can do, however, is listen to the wine recommendations on these pages, obviously simple and quick tips to get closer to the wine world and show your friends at dinner that you have learned a little reading Fine Dining Lovers.

Let’s start with the pairings, that is those rough lines that will allow you to not completely drink the wine during a dinner.

Put then that you have given a good bottle of fine wine and want to keep it at best: here with this guide you will know what is the recommended storage even if you live in small apartments.

And if the sommelier course just doesn’t want to do it, not even a few weeks, but you like to table with your friends at the table, then follow our advice to look like a wine expert.

And to finish the opening of the bottle: we will not tell you how to use a corkscrew, on the contrary, we will tell you exactly the opposite. How does a good bottle of wine open up in an unconventional way?